Monday, December 31, 2007

Reading stats for 2007 and comparison with 2006

Here are my stats for 2007 and comparison for 2006:

Total books reads: 130 (2006: 120)
New authors: 79 (2006: 57)
Amount of mysteries: 58 (2006: 60)
Amount of non-fiction: 7 (2006: 8)
Amount of fiction/other: 66 (2006: 52)
DNF(did not finish): 2
Audio: 6
Number of pages: 36073

Overall - I did better in 2007. I wish I had kept track of pages read because that would be fun to compare. I guess we'll have to wait another year before I can do that. haha!
I'm surprised I didn't read as many mysteries this year since it is my favorite genre, but I do think this is due to getting several more review books. I read a lot more historical fiction too.

I also think I did well because in 2007 I started going back to school, working on 2 different degrees, so I thought the number of books read would be lower than 2006. I'm surprised it's more! Let's home I can read even more in 2008!


Literary Feline said...

You did very well this year, Kris! I read less this year than last year, but I think last year was just a fluke. I was on a reading frenzy and don't think I'll ever top that again.

Darcie said...

Way to go!! That is awesome!! I didn't track much in 2007, but I hope to read more in 2008! I would love to be able to read as much as goal is 50 books!