Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella

Ah - Becky Becky Becky - what are we going to do with you?

It was good to read another shopaholic story - Becky is still up to her crazy ways, but you can't helping loving her. This is a series that I can't read one after another - I need some time in between the books, but I always enjoy them. They are a quick, fun read.

Becky and Luke finally end their honeymoon and return to London. Becky wanted to suprise everyone so they didn't announce their return. However when they go to Becky's parents house - her parents aren't home and when they do show up, they seem to have something on their mind and don't seem as excited to see Becky as she thought. Then when she suprises Suze, her best friend, she realizes Suze has a new best friend and their relationship is also strained.

Then...all the items Becky bought will on their honeymoon are delivered - and Luke is not a happy camper. Then Becky finds out that what her parents were worried about - is that Becky has an older half-sister. Becky meets her and they are complete opposits - she doesnt like to shop, doesn't care about her appearance...and we know that is #1 with Becky. Becky is excited to half a sister and tries to be friends with Jessica - but it doesn't work and they end up having a huge fight. Then...Luke and Becky are fighting and Luke says he wishes she was more like her sister - and this is as he is leaving for an extended business trip. Becky decides to find Jessica so she can teach her how to be more frugal.

"You could get that out of the library for nothing!" says Jess, looking horrified.

The library? I look at her in equal horror. I don't want some thumbed copy in a horrible plastic jacket, which I have to remember to take back?"

pg. 202

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Lover of Books said...

I'll have to start this series this year. lol Yeah I know like I need one more. And I love my local library. :)