Friday, January 25, 2008

Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper

This is the first in the newest trilogy by Kay Hooper.

Dani and is staying with her twin, Paris, while Paris goes through a divorce. It is in a small southern town where the twins grew up. Dani's psychic ability is that she dreams things that are going to happen. Her latest dream involves several members of the SCU (special crime unit of the FBI) and a serial killer. Everything in the dream is telling her that they are walking into a trap when they try to find the killer, but they are all powerless to do anything else. The must find this horrible person before he kills more women. She is working with the local police and FBI members to try and find this killer before he kills one of their own.

This book has several characters from her other paranormal trilogies - because the SCU is usually a part of them. However, that being said, if you haven't read her other books you aren't missing anything. I don't remember them that well, just names really.

This book was left open to where the second will be a continuation. I can't wait! I know I didn't give much detail as to the story, but I really don't know what else to say. haha! The fun thing about this book is that they believe they are tracking a killer who has very psychic abilities, something that the author hasn't done before in her other books.

I personally love paranormal books and I have never been disappointed by one of Kay Hooper's books. I will admit that at first parts confused me because she goes from writing the story to writing about the dream Dani is seeing and I didn't always catch that at first. After the first couple of times I caught on tough.



April said...

Ohhh! This sounds soo good. I will have to pick this one up! It will be good to get in on one of Kay Hooper's books from the 1st in a series. There have been a few by her that I have read the backs of, but they have always been later in a series. So I am going to definitely grab this one! Paranormal is a fav of mine also.

Heidi said...

I really enjoyed this book.