Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

This was an interesting book. It is for my bookclub and it wasn't my pick, so I admit I didn't really know what it was about when I started reading it. At first...I didn't like it. I had to stop and read the back cover because I was like "what in the world...". Then I think I got used to his writing style and actually got into the book. Then the book ended up and I'm left going "What did I miss?" I really do feel like I just didn't "get it". I enjoyed the story but it's nagging at me that there is something more to it that I didn't pick up on. I even looked online for reading guides to see if those would help, they didn't. The final result is that I did enjoy the book, I liked it, just leaves me feeling like I missed the point of the story.

This is about a man and his son. They don't have names, always referred to as the man and the boy. They are living in a world where everything is dead. If I understood correctly, fire storms have destroyed everything. The man and the boy are trying to survive. They must be careful not to be found by the gangs of bandits who are out to kill or capture others. They have to be sure not to be killed or taken prisoner by other loners who might eat them for food. They walk as far as they can every day towards the ocean. When they come across houses/towns they try to find food, weapons, and clothes/shoes. The are always cold and hungry. Sometimes good things happen to them, sometimes not so good things.

This story is basically about how the man and the boy deal with life in these conditions. It was interesting, I just feel like I missed something. I'm hoping at bookclub this Sunday the other members are able to help me understand it better. haha!

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Joy said...

I'm sure your conversation with your group will be an interesting one. :)

When I finished this book I had such a heavy heart along with a gloomy cloud that stayed with me for days. I rated it high because of its ability to do that, but I was baffled by some of the storyline, too.

Kathrin said...

You've been tagged

cessie said...

And did the book club make things more clear?
Sometimes I have that feeling too, that you just missed the clue or message.
It's good to have a bookclub to discuss those books though ;-)

Kris said...

You know - it did make more sense after discussing it. Or rather..I should say that what I had figured out and gotten out of it, was what everyone else got too - so I don't feel like I missed something now.