Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time: An Illustrated History by the Editors of Time

I know - you kept seeing that I was reading this but because it took so long you began to wonder. Is she really reading it?

Yes I was! It just took awhile because I read it only while at home and while eating breakfast or in the evenings if I was sitting around doing nothing else. It's a large book, more of a coffee table book than a book I could slip into my purse and carry around with me.

I must say, I LOVED this book. I have really come to enjoy history and what better way to learn some history about my own country than with pictures? This was a great way to get more info about stuff I either never really learned about or just never really paid attention to when I was suppose to learn about it. I think the pictures help too. It was great to read a bit about a piece of our history and then see a picture to make it "real".

The only thing I was surprised wasn't included is the LA Riots from 1992. Other than that, I couldn't think of anything that was left out.

262 pgs/non-fiction

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