Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Charmed Death by Madelyn Alt

This is the 2nd in the series. Maggie is working a lot for Enchantments. However, she enjoys the store and knows that the owner, and her friend, needed the time off.

While working one Saturday a girl named Amanda comes into the store. She is there to buy a very expensive clock for her Mom. She doesn't hesitate to pay cash for it either. Even though Maggie knows she comes from a wealthy family, she is amazed by the amount of cash Amanda has.

Later that night, Mandy is reported missing. She is found, dead, a couple of days later. Maggie can't help but investigate because she feels it is her duty, she was one of the last to see Mandy alive.

Keep in mind that Maggie is also a witch, although just recently realized her potential and is still learning.

Hmm..what to say about this one. I remember that when I read the first, I thought it was ok, but wasn't overly excited about it. I liked it enough to give the second one a chance. However, that being said, I don't plan to continue with this series. It could be that I was in a horrible funk the last 4 or so days. I just couldn't really connect with the main character. There were parts in the book that I just didn't get why they were in there and didn't feel it had anything to do with the story. Also, I believe the author tried to make the character more likeable and human by having her worry about her weight. However, this had the opposite effect on me. I won't name names, but I am in constant contact right now with somebody who always complains about their weight and there is no need! They are of good weight! That bothers the hell out of me. So having to read a story where the main character does the same thing just gets on my nerves. I really did want to read this series because I like the paranormal, but it just didn't click for me.

mystery, 289 pgs

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