Thursday, February 14, 2008

Midori by Moonlight by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

Midori is a Japanese women who wants to move to the states. She is attracted only to American men. Her life finally looks to be headed in the right direction when she meets Kevin. Kevin is from San Francisco and after only a few dates asks to marry her. She says yes and off to California they go. Once she gets to the states her luck seems to change. Kevin tells her he is in love with his ex-fiancé and will be getting back together with her.

Midori is in the US on a fiancé visa and doesn't want to go back to work. She contacts Shinji, a Japanese friend of Kevin's, and he helps her out. She moves in with him, as roommates. Soon she has a job as a bar hostess, but it's "under the table" and the best she can do until she figures out how to get a green card. She spends her free time baking, one day she hopes to be a pastry chef and watching a soap opera in hopes of learning english better. Soon..she realizes she has feelings for Shinji, but Shinji is already dating a women who seems perfect for him.

And of course...the best part of this book is that it has a happy ending. Today I was in the mood for a happy ending and this book fit that need perfectly.

This is the first I have read by Tokunaga. I loved the story. I also LOVE the cover of this book. Doesn't that cupcake look delicious? Makes me hungry just looking at it. And her shoes! Who doesn't want a pair of green polka dot wedge heals? I mean I do have a pair of green wedge heals - but they don't have polka dots! I firmly believe that a girl can NEVER have too many heals.

Ok - what I liked about the book other than the cover. It was easy to read, just a light book to fit the mood. I really liked Midori - she sounds like somebody I could be friends with it. I don't have anything great to say, no outstanding comments that will make people swarm to my blog to read more of what I have to say. I just really enjoyed the story. I believe the author has written some short stories but the bio doesn't say anything about other full length novels. I'm hoping she does write more because I would love to read them.
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Midori Miller said...

I have to check this book out! I did not know it existed!

Bookfool said...


Sorry, off-topic, but here's where you can find Poppets:

Marcelle (cessie) said...

Wow, this really sounds like a fun book, for the moments you need a light and fun read!
The cover does look great :-)
Haven't read that any chick lit Japanese books (only cultural sofar) and I'm really curious. Thanks.