Friday, March 14, 2008

Missing by Karin Alvtegen

Sybilla is a homeless women in Stockholm. She was born to a wealthy family but due to certain circumstances, doesn't interact with them anymore. One night Sybilla decides to go to the Grand Hotel and pretends to be a business women who losses her wallet. A wealthy man pays for her dinner and her hotel room. However the next morning he is found murdered and all signs point to Sybilla. She knows the police won't believe her because of her past and because she is homeless. It gets worse when the police post a picture of her and her name in the paper. Then...more murders occur that are blamed on her.
One night, while hiding out, she meets a 15 year old boy. They become friends and with his help they work on trying to prove she is innocent, by tracking down the real killer.
Overall I thought this was a good story. At parts it was somewhat confusing because it would flash back to her childhood and I wasn't always aware that is what it was doing. haha! Of course the further I got into the story I got used to this and expected it, so it flowed better for me. At first I also didn't understand why we were being flashed back to her childhood, but again, the further I got in the story, I understood the significance of it.
new author, mystery, 295 pgs


Ladytink_534 said...

Sounds really interesting!

Booklogged said...

As if things weren't bad enough for that poor woman - homeless and then accused of murder. This one sounds good.

April said...

This sounds like an interesting read!