Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tainted Hero by Michael W Davis

Finished this one on the plane ride headed to Naples, Fl. for vacation. It's hard to really describe this book, there were a lot of little stories in it and it turned out to not really be my kind of book.

The main character is Eric. He works for the government and is often away from home. One of those times his wife lost their baby and she blames him for not being home. Their marriage is on the rocks.

On the side-line you have Sam. She is good friends with Eric, although they both have feelings for each other that go beyond friendship. They do nothing about it though because Eric is married. She works for the government as well.

Eric plays a big role in the leader of a gang going to jail. He goes out of town to witness the testing of a new weapon for the government and comes home to find his wife has been murdered by that gang. He retaliates.

His report, and Sam's report since she was at the same testing site, stir up a lot of trouble in government. They both take new roles and move to DC.

While in DC they both admit their feelings for each other while at the same time getting involved in some kind of scandal in the government. This puts their families in danger.

see, there is a lot going on. We have issues with Eric and his wife, Eric and a bad gang, Eric and Sam, and then two issues with things going on in the government, mix into that some flashbacks and insight in Eric's past, and I feel it makes for a story that has way too much going on. Plus, because the two main characters work for the government, there are a lot of conversations involving government lingo that was confusing for a lay person. Sure, I could usually pick up on what was being said/told, but still didn't like it. I will also admit that I don't read a lot of books involving government conspiracy, etc because I don't want to have to deal with the lingo. So it could be that for somebody who reads those types of books, that won't be an issue for you with this one.

Overall, the book was just ok. Not one of my favorites but not one of the worst either.

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