Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crime Seen by Victoria Laurie

Crime Seen is the latest, #5, in the psychic eye mystery series by Victoria Laurie.

Abby Cooper is living with her boyfriend while she recuperates from a gun shot wound in the chest. She has let her business slide, mostly because she isn't sure she trusts her "crew" anymore. And by crew she means her spirit guides, Abby is psychic. They didn't warn her about the bullet that hit her.

As a way to try and get her back into the swing of things and hopefully back into business, Dutch (her fbi boyfriend) has asked her to look at some cases he is working on to see if he crew can pick up anything. One of the cases she looks into is one where a cop was shot and the man who confessed is in jail and up for parole. She see's that the guy in jail didn't really do it. Since Dutch and his best friend Milo really want this man to stay in jail, she withholds the info from them. Instead, she askes her friend Candice for help. Candice is a PI and just moved to town and is renting office space from Abby. Together the two of them looking this old case and get more than they planned for.

This is one of my favorite series. I admit to loving the paranormal aspect of it, but overall it's Abby and the other characters that I love. Abby is just my kind of gal, she is witty and fun.
I have to admit that I loved this book and can't wait for the next one that comes out in September. Although the good thing is that the next in her ghost hunters series is out, so at least I have another book by the author to read in the mean time. The ghost hunters series is really good too.

And many of you might be wondering, if I love this series so much, why did I wait so long to read this book. Well, I'll tell you. I kept picking the book up and then saying no, wait for a better time. I don't know what I was waiting for but for some reason was saving the book. I'm glad I did! We put an offer on a house and didn't get it and I was really upset about it (this is the 2nd time that has happened). I finished the book I was reading a couple days after we didn't get the house and picked up several of the review books I need to read but was so mad that none of them held my interest. Then I remembered I still had this book. It worked great - it kept my interest from the beginning and I was glad to be back with some "friends".

mystery/282 pgs

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Kristie said...

I love this series too. It takes place in my local area, so that always adds and extra level of interest to me. I agree, Abby and the other characters are so likeable. The books are always fun and enjoyable to me even though I tend to shy away from paranormal books.

I also get where you're coming from on saving books. Sometimes you just need a trusted book and saving those that you know will help is always great!