Monday, April 21, 2008

The Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer

This is a stand alone book by the author, so if you are looking for Bubbles, you won't find her here.

Nola works as an editor for Sass! Magazine. When a position comes available to write a column, she applies but is never considered because of her weight. Nola is not skinny, she is a bigger girl. She wants to prove this is why she didn't get the job, so she submits the resume as Belinda Apple. Belinda is a British lady who is fashionable and skinny. Belinda immediately gets the job. Nola had planned on admitting what happened but one thing led to another and the next thing she knew, she was living a double life.

Nola has two best friends who are also overweight. One day while at a restaurant they are treated different for it so they come up with the Cinderella Pact. They will all try to lose weight and come back to the restaurant in six months. Deb decides to have weight loss surgery. This starts to cause problems with her marriage. Nancy, who is already having trouble with her marriage, hires a personal trainer. Her marriage begins to look up. Nola, tries weight watchers and other exercise regimes to lose the weight. She also meets Chip. Chip is super sexy and while Nola would like to date him, she isn't so sure he feels the same way.

This story is basically about Nola. You follow her as she tries to lose weight, as Sass! realizes that something is not right about Belinda Apple, and as she struggles to figure out her relationship with Chip.

Overall, I thought this was a fun book. I really liked Nola. I think she was a fun girl and was happy with the ending. I can't wait to read more of the stand-alone books by this author.

fiction/325 pgs


Kristie said...

I really liked The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives by her. It was a fun read as well. It kind of reminds of the book I am reading right now called Four Wives. I seem to like these types of books.

I own but have not read any of the Bubble's books and keep meaning to get to them...

Ladytink_534 said...

A really good book on a similar subject is Real Women Don't Wear a Size 2 by Kelley St. John. I've started to pick up The Cinderella Pact and the Sleeping Beauty Proposal a few times but never got around to it. I really like the author's "voice" though from what I've read from the blog she writes on with a few other authors.