Thursday, April 24, 2008

woohoo! I got an advanced copy of The Debs!

(don't you just LOVE the shoes in the picture?)
Imagine my delight when I checked my email and found one from author Susan McBride. She was offering me one of the few advanced readers copy of The Debs. It will be published later this year, August I believe. I am so excited!!!!! I live in the same city, St. Louis, as the author and go to at least one book signing whenever her new books come out. I guess it pays to show up huh? I think it might also help that I already added this book to my list of books for the young adult challenge. haha! See...I've been waiting for it.

I just wanted to share with you guys how excited I am to have an advanced copy of this book!

I admit that I still haven't read the latest and last in the Debutante Dropout mystery series, but that's's the last one. I'm kinda saving it. I'll read it sometime this year, probably when I'm at a point where I'm stressed or just not feeling good and it's time to pick up a new book. Then I'll pick it up so I can be with an "old friend".
So loyal readers, stay tuned for a review of this book. Part of me wants to wait until August, but then a bigger part of me knows I won't make it that long. haha! I have a couple books I need to read first, but they are mysteries, so after reading a couple of those in a row, I'll be ready for something different.
ok...going to put the book in a box because sadly...we've only been in the new house about a week now and I don't have my library built yet. I'm also not sure when I'll get my library built, we are re-doing the kitchen first, cabinets are ordered and everything. So I guess it depends on when we can save the money for supplies and ask hubbies brother to come in town. He said he would build them for me. I'm starting with only one wall of custom shelving. haha! the key word there is starting...

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