Friday, April 18, 2008

New cell phone

I like almost nothing better than a new gadget, unless it's a free book or clothes or purse or shoes or...ok you get the idea. Anyway, my contract for my wireless account was up and so renewed my contract and got a new phone. I just love getting new cell phones, they are so fun to play with. Now mind you, I don't text often and I don't use the it for surfing the web or lots of other things you can do. But I still needed a fancy phone! haha!

I ended up with the LG enV in green


Lezlie said...

I enV you! Ha! I crack me up. ;-) (Sorry. Someone just had to do it.)

Have a great weekend!

joemmama said...

How Wonderful! I just got the env in silver (I don't text or surf either) It's so much fun!!

Kris said...

joemmama - it is a fun phone. It is so much easier putting in contacts with the keybard - and I've started to use the notes feature as well and that works really well with the keyboard. So far, no complaints.