Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Debs by Susan McBride (advanced copy)

I know, I know - I just couldn't wait any longer to read this one. But really, can you blame me?
So The Debs is a new book in a young adult series the author is writing. Well, it will be the new book, it's not out yet. If you read my posts then you know that I was totally excited to get an advanced copy of this book, from the author no less.
Anyway......about the book (which is why you are all here). This book features 4 main girls/teenagers/young women (take your pick). They are about to start their senior year of high school. This is the year when the invitations go out to the lucky girls who will be asked to be part of the Glass Slipper Club. Trust me, it's (as the back cover says) "Debutante season in Houston". Three of the girls are friends and when you look past their parents and the money, they are probably unlikely candidates. One girl, is the type you would assume would get the invite.
Jo-Lynn is perfect, on the outside, and partly due to plastic surgery. She is a size 2, big boobs (thanks to plastic surgery), perfect skin and hair, and a beauty queen. Is there any doubt that she will get one?
Laura Bell isn't even close to a size 2, yet her dreams involve getting an invite. She is also enemies with Jo-Lynn Bidwell - who's mother is head of the organization.
Mac Mackensie doesn't care about her looks or being friends with the snooty Jo-Lynn. Her Mother died a couple of years ago and her dad re-married, a women named Honey Potts. Need i say more? She is also friends with Laura Bell.
Ginger Fore seems to go from cause to cause, and currently it is the environment. She won't wear designer, unless it's made from hemp or another organic fabric. She doesn't drive a fancy smancy car like everyone else, she drives a hybrid. Ginger is also friends with Laura Bell.
All of these girls have something causing them grief in their lives. They have to deal with this and be on their best behavior in order to become part of the Glass Slipper Club. Can they do it?
Overall - really enjoyed the book. It was a fast read for me, very light reading. I also admit to loving books like this. What is more fun than to be out of highschool and read about the crap that goes on there? haha! I can tell that this is the first in a series. It leaves it open to where you can tell there will be more books covering the senior year. But that's ok...that's what I expected and wanted.
I liked the characters. I could see them as being real, not just characters. Sure some stuff seems over the top, but I'm also not rich and I also don't live in an area where there are debuantes (at least not that I'm aware of). So it might seem like some of this stuff wouldn't happen, but honestly, I could really picture it.
So..come August 26th...this book will be published and I want to hear about everyone buying it. haha! I think this would be a fun book for teenagers and also those who are older but enjoy young adult books.


Heidi said...

Glad you enjoyed the book. I probably will not read it.. I am still annoyed with her for quitting the series that I loved.


Heidi said...

After reading your review again I have decided to give the book a chance. So when it comes out I will buy a copy and read it with an open mind.

What do you think the age range would be? I have a 14 year old granddaughter?

Kris said...

Yeah! I'm so glad to here that!
The girls in the book are highschool seniors. So she is younger, but I think she would be ok.

Heidi said...

Chelsea should be ok she thinks she is much older. LOL