Sunday, May 11, 2008

Headless Body in Topless bar from the Staff of the New York Post

I was able to get my hands on a copy of this book and am glad I did. I thought it would be good for a few laughs. I admit that some of the titles I didn't really get, but others were really good.
This book is a collect of the best titles that the New York Post has had over the years. It's not a whole lot of reading, so it's not going to take up your time. But it is fun.
I was thinking of putting some of my favorites on here, but not sure it would be as funny because you don't get to see the pictures,etc.
Let's see if I can find one....
ok, in the section on Mafia. This title was for the story about John Gotti.
The hading was: Gotti's Greatest hits then in smaller print: He whacked 'em all, feds charge.
I think it's funny because well, greatest hits, your going to think of songs or something, but they really were hits. haha! Ok, not your type of humor? Really? Are you really going to tell me that title wasn't clever?
ok, another one dealing with Gotti was: Gotti #1 on Hit Parade
haha! I love it. I just love their play on words.
ok, that's probaby about it for this review. I could really keep going, but I enjoyed looking at the pictures too. So I think it makes more sense when you look at the pictures and read some of the smaller print.
nonfiction/191 pgs/new author


sage said...

I laughed at the name of the book!

April said...

This looks so fun! I am now going to have to go in search of this!!

Jill said...

This book looks fun! I also like how you keep track of your total pages... I wish I would have thought to do that way back in January. Next year!