Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Goodby Bookclub

It was a decision I have struggled with for about the past year. Should I continue to run my bookclub (in person - not an internet one) or pull out?

See, the problem is, it's not a large group, and barely anybody participates on a regular basis. I had trouble getting people to nominate books, vote in the polls for books or when meetings would need to be changed and show up for the meetings.

I admit, I'm not perfect. In fact, due to working on our kitchen, I didn't make it last month. Then, I'm out of town for the May meeting and the June meeting. So, that's three months in a row that I couldn't make it. However, I admit that unless I'm on vacation, I am almost always at the meeting. But anyway....

So, I made the decision yesterday. I sent an email to the group letting them know and asking somebody to contact me if they are willing to take over the group. I doubt anybody will though...it can be a lot of work.

So, goodbye bookclub. I enjoyed it while it lasted. I read some great books I wouldn't normally read. In fact, thanks to the bookclub I now enjoy memoirs. Who would have thought?

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Bookfool said...

I think that's a good decision, Kris. You seemed awfully frustrated with the group. Very cool that they got you reading memoirs. I lurv memoirs. :)