Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting ready for vacation.....

The hardest thing about getting ready to go on vacation is...which books do I take? and....how many?

I'll be gone for a week. I have a ton of books I need to get through, but most are hardback! I don't want to have to take hardbacks with me. So now I have to figure out which books to bring that aren't heavy and I can hide in my suitcase. Oh yes, I said hide. See, hubby and I usually try to get away with only taking one suite case if the trip is going to be a week or shorter. I usually walk into the bedroom with an armful of books to pack and he gives me a dirty look. I'm not allowed to bring all those books because there isn't any room! So I usually put a few aside, and "hide" the rest in the suitcase. haha!

I plan to go through my challenge lists and try to find a lot of those books (since most books are still in boxes from moving). If they are mass market paperback, they will probably make it into the bag. Hardbacks won't make it. Trade paperbacks are a possibility, just depends on how thick they are. I also like to try and take books that were given to me and might not be in the best of condition, and I never take books that are signed.

So..stay tuned...I'll post the list I plan to take soon.


SuziQoregon said...

This is a vacation planning list I posted on my blog a couple of years ago:

How to pack for vacation (by my friend Jan)
Vacation checklist in order of priority, is:
1. Pack more books than you could possibly read in one year let alone one week. Ditto with yarn and knitting patterns.

2. throw a few clothes in a suitcase.

3. drop dog at kennel.

Two minor modifications were necessary to adapt this for my own needs.

1. I don't knit, I crochet. As long as I have something to work on while riding in the car, that one is taken care of.

3. We don't have a dog, so #3 is outta there.

Ladytink_534 said...

I'm about to go on vacation too but I'll be visiting my family so I always come back with a ton of books. I only take a few library books when I go. This time I'm thinking of taking an audiobook with me. Six hours is a long time to sit in a car!