Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander

I believe this is the 3rd in the series. However, that being said, you don't need to read the other two in order to enjoy this one. I admit that I think when I first got the book, I knew it was part of a series, but by the time I picked it up to read it, I didn't remember that. I only looked into it because in the book the characters mention Lady Ashton solving other crimes.

Onto the story…….

Lady Emily Ashton is spending the weekend at the country estate of Lord Basil Fortescue, a man she loathes. He is having a gathering and her fiancé, Colin, and one of her friends, Ivy, was invited, so Emily goes to spend time with them.

While there Emily meets Kristiana, an Austrian countess who has a past with her fiancé. The countess makes it known that Colin isn't finished with her, even though he is engaged.

While out hunting one afternoon, Lord Fortescue is murdered. Ivy's husband is accused of doing this and sent to jail. He asks Emily to look into the matter and find the real killer.

This takes Emily to Vienna. There she must deal with Kristiana. She also comes close to find the truth and her life and that of her fiancé's is put in danger. Along the way, she meets Klimt and other artists and poets. She also finds out that her long time childhood friend, Jeremy, loves her.

So…lots going on in this story. This is the first book I have read by the author and I really enjoyed it. I have no idea of the history is all correct, but honestly, I don't care. Haha! I really liked Lady Ashton and several of the other characters. I was interested to see how this story would end and who the real murder was. I hope the author writes more with Lady Ashton, but in the meantime I'll amuse myself by reading the other two that are already published.

Have you reviewed this book on your website? If so, let me know and I'll include a link to your review below.

New author/mystery/289 pgs

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