Thursday, July 31, 2008

O’Shaughnessy: A Boy and His Leprechaun

This is a children's story. As most of you already know, I don't have children, but I do like to read children's stories sometimes.

This is the story of how Bobby Mahoney saves is his little sister.

One night Bobby wakes up to find a leprechaun on his bed post. While this scares Bobby at first, he is more curious than scared. The leprechauns' name is O'Shaugnessy.

His parents are separated and when he dad comes to take Bobby and his sister to the fair, he gets upset with his sister because he wants his Dad to himself. While at the fair, his sister becomes sick. Bobby doesn't realize how sick she is until his Mom says she has scarlet fever.

At night Bobby is still talking to O'Shaugnessy. They decide to take a trip to visit another Leprechaun that is friends with O'Shaugnessy. It is while visiting this Leprechaun that Bobby hears the wail of the Ban-Shees. He learns that the wail is because somebody in his family is going to die soon. He knows it is his sister and realizes that while he was mean to her at times, he does love her and doesn't want her to die. He convinces O'Shaugnessy to take him to the cave where the Ban-Shee's live. He finds the one for his family and learns that she can't help save his sister, the coachman who drives the deathcoach can't be stopped.

After much thought, Bobby realizes there is a way to stop the coach, if only he can get to it on time. Once again his new friends help him find the coachman and they are able to keep him from riding out this day. When Bobby gets home, he finds his sister alive and his parents happy.

Hmm…what to say about this first. The negative first I suppose. It is mentioned in the beginning that this is meant to be read out load and the narrator is the story-teller. Well, I don't really like these kinds of books. I prefer to just have the story. So throughout the book there will be area's where the narrator "speaks". So, it doesn't ruin the story, I just think it would be better without it.

Ok…the positive part. I really do think this is a story kids would like. It's a story about a brother loving a sister and doing the impossible to save her life. You get leprechauns and other fantasy creatures – what kid wouldn't like that?! So yeah, if you get past the narrator part, I think this is a good story. I'll be keeping this one on my shelf for my kid to read (whenever that happens!)

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New author/fiction/130 pgs

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