Friday, July 11, 2008

Ladies of Liberty by Cokie Roberts

In her newest book, Cokie Roberts takes us from the 2nd president up to the 6th president. However, instead of focusing on the men, she focused on the women. Sure, there is a lot of information on what the men did, but they weren't the focus. The focus was on how several women helped shape the US. The focus was usually on the president's wife, but there were also other women mentioned because of the great things they did for this country. We get snippets of letters the women wrote to family and friends, which I thought was interesting. They just wrote so different than we do now, much more elegantly. Cokie Roberts showed us how these women helped get their husbands voted into office and the things they had to do as a president's wife in order to keep the country in favor of the president. She also talked about the different groups these women formed. I can't remember names right now, but she talked about some who opened up orphanages for children, and schools.

I know what you are all thinking; why in the world did I read this book. If you have read my other reviews, you know this isn't similar to anything I have read. However, this book interested me. I admit to be ignorant about a lot of my countries history. This book interested me because it was about the women and the important roles they played, not just the men.

Overall, very informative and interesting book. I admit that it wasn't one I could read fast and really get through. There were times when it just didn't hold my interested like a mystery book would. But that's ok, because that's just the type of book it is. There were so many names and dates and so much information, I just needed time to take it all in. Sometimes I just needed a break and had to read something fun. I enjoyed this book because it was interesting to read about the things the women had to do and put up with during that time period and because of their status.

New author/non-fiction/394 pgs

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