Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Longest Journey by Diana Patterson and Rita Turner

This is a historical novel about a girl named Elspeth. Don't ask me what the time frame was, it was awhile ago. Back in the days of balls and high fashion and protecting women's morals (haha!). When she is a young child her father is killed and the man who her father worked for decides to take Elspeth under his wing. He makes sure she receives the proper training that a girl should, reading, learning French, etc. Soon, he becomes very fond of her and she beings to help him in running the house and his accounts. As time goes on and he realizes that his son is not to be trusted with money, he gives more duties to Elspbeth. When Elspeth is 16 she is told that he has adopted. Just in time too, since his health is failing and he soon dies. When his son learns that Elspbeth is in his will, his hatred for her is shown. One night he rapes her. Elspeth goes to live with a friend in London, but that's not enough. Soon he accuses her of stealing jewels from him and she is found guilty and sent to Australia to work. Luck soon changes for Elspeth when she is picked to work in the house of the governor, Sir Rossmore. Soon he is able to learn her story and the two begin to grow closer. As their relationship grows, Sir Rossmore treats her less and less like a servant.

Hmm…I'm somewhat torn on this one. The writing wasn't the best. I really don't like when the narrator addresses the reader. This happens a couple times in the very beginning, so right away I was like oh….not so good. But…the story really kept my interested. I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Elspeth. Just when things start to be going good….she is convicted of a crime she didn't commit. But thankfully…things start to pick up. But…how will it all end? So yeah, the story was very interesting to me. I like historical fiction. However..throughout the story, I just got the feeling that this was the authors first work of fiction. The writing just wasn't as good as it could be. So I really did enjoy the story, just didn't think the writing was the best.

New author/fiction/232pgs

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