Monday, July 7, 2008

Want a chance to win a book?

Who doesn't!!!!

Check out Bookfoolery and Babble. My friend bookfool is holding a drawing for a free, autographed, copy of The Questory of Root Karbunkyulus by Kamilla Reid.

I stole the following from bookfools website:
"The Questory of Root Karbunkulus by Kamilla Reid appears to be a Harry Potter knock-off from the cover, but I promise you it's not. I'm reading it and, thus far, finding it original in many ways. I'll provide a link to my review, when I finish. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Kamilla's Root Karbunkulus website, which is really pretty amazing."


Bookfool said...

Nice post, Kris. I love your new header. Did you just take that on vacation?

Kris said...

bookfool - yup, the pic is from the latest vacation