Sunday, August 10, 2008

A+ CompTia A+ certification Study Guide Sixth edition

I know, I know. None of you want to read this book so why am I reviewing it?

I didn't want to so much review it, as just show why my reading stats weren't as high for July and why I haven't been around much. Plus, I read the book, so it counts towards my stats right?

For the last month I have been reading this book and studying for my A+ certification. I took the first test this past Friday, and failed. So while pretty upset, I'll be taking a couple days off of studying and then I'll be doing it all over again.
This also explains why instead of reading Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva next, I'm reading one of my comfort authors, Joanne Fluke. I was really upset about not passing the test and just needed to hang out with friends. So....I'm going to spend today trying to de-stress from a month of hard studying and prepare myself for another month or so of studying. Sounds like fun right? And...what's even more get the certificate I actually have to pass 2 different tests. So once I pass this first's another month or so of studying and I take another one! I just KNOW you all envy me right now. haha!
new author/non-fiction/929 pgs

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