Sunday, August 31, 2008

Trophies by Heather Thomas

This is the story of 6 trophy wives in LA. Marion Zane is the main trophy, she has MAJOR INFLUENCE. She is the one that has the most influence and gets the most recognition from others. Lyndy used to be the main trophy, until Marion showed up. Now Lyndy pretends to be Marion's friend but is secretly waiting for the chance to take her down so she can be the one with MAJOR INFLUENCE again. Patty Fink is a trophy whose husbands keep dying and leaving her their fortune. Currently she is married to Lou, who is in his 80's. Pepper Papadopoulos is as southern as they get. She is married to a Greek heiress and they have 5 kids. Maya Hanson is a supermodel and married to a handsome actor. She also has 3 body guards who have been with her since she was a young girl. Claire is brand new to the trophy scene and trying to find her way. She must deal with three step-children who hate her, a husband who appears to still want his ex-wife, and a nanny who hates Claire.

What was fun about each of these characters is that while they appear to be the typical trophy wife, once you get to know each one, they are a bit different from what you would expect. Marion is caught up in looks and society, but at the same time, the charities and the things she does are very much for those who aren't as privileged. She also has a black book. While she doesn't spread "secrets" she does keep them all in a little black book that is in a safe. She uses this when she needs somebody with connections. Life seems to be going as planned for Marion, except all of a sudden it appears that somebody is out to get her. Her marriage falls apart and it is all she can do to keep things looking fine on the outside, while trying to figure out who is behind this. Her husband doesn't realize that they are being set-up.

Lyndy is personally happy that Marion's life seems to be falling apart. She can't wait to be the #1 trophy again.

Patty has a man on the side and things go from bad to worse when the guy decides he is in love with Patty and wants her to leave her current husband.

Pepper thinks things are going well, until her husband starts acting funny. Little does she know that it is due to witch craft that a greek women is doing on her husband, she is out to ruin his marriage.

Maya couldn't be happier, until her husband decides he wants kids. One of Maya's secrets is what her childhood was like and the reason she can't have kids. However, if this info go out her career would be ruined, so she never told her husband.

So at the beginning of this book, all the ladies appear to have the perfect life and a great friendship. Then everyone starts having problems.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I thought the ladies were fun. I thought the things they did seemed far fetched, but then I wouldn't know if it is typical or not for a Trophy in LA. However, even though they were far fetched, it was funny and kept my interest. I loved how they all stood up for each other and tried to help out those who were in trouble. The only thing that bothered me, were all the grammar mistakes. Usually I'll notice some and it won't be a big deal, but this book seemed to have more than normal.

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Ladytink_534 said...

I read a really great book kind of similar to this one callled The Second Wives Club by Jane Moore.

Kris said...

oh...thanks Ladytink_534 - I'll have to look that one up on Amazon and see what it's all about.

Kristie said...

Sounds like something I would like. I am going to check it out. Great review!