Monday, September 1, 2008

The Strand Prophecy by J. B. B. Winner

This is the story about how Strand is trying to protect the human race, but nobody (well…almost nobody) is listening to him. He has realized that our dna is changing, it seems to be accelerated by the moonlight. Oh, and it's not just humans who are changing, it's animals too. Strand is really Steve Cutter. Steve realized what was happening and has written a chapter that he feels people need to read. He becomes Strand due to technology, I'm not going to get into all that, you'll have to read the book for more. Let's just say that when he is Strand, he can stop bullets. Anyway, he tries to get the President of the US to start investigating these changes and warn the people. However, the President doesn't believe him. So Strand has to go to the people and hope they listen.

Throughout this story we go to Brazil, where we meet Howlers and jellyfish like animals who can stun a person/animal and then eat them. (Personally, after my jellyfish incident last year, this freaked me out. Haha!). We travel to Africa where we meet the Mariners. They are men who evolve until they can survive under water, with fins and gills. We then go on a fast paced journey to reach Florida, hopefully before the T-Rex alligators get there and attack the humans on the beaches.

Yeah, this is a bit of a sci-fi novel. Strand is awesome. He is pretty much a man that becomes so much more due to technology and smarts. His side-kicks are great. His family ends up being Dr. E, Anna (his niece that he has guardianship over), a Howler monkey who is fitted with the same type of suit as Strand, Vit – who becomes Cotar, and a Mariner. Together they try to save the innocent but also stay alive, since by now the President has the military looking for Strand and hoping to kill him.

This is the first in the young adult series. I went on the website for this book and it didn't have a release date for the second one, but I'm already waiting for it! I assume it will be sometime next year. This was such a great book. I loved the characters, I loved the adventure part of it. This is a book that kept my interest pretty much from the beginning.

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(new author.YA – fiction. 312pg)

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