Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House Rules by Mike Lawson

This is the 3rd in a series that features Joe DeMarco. DeMarco works for Mahoney, the current speaker of the house. While most don't realize DeMarco works for Mahoney, he does, and Mahoney wants to keep it that way. The current problem that DeMarco is set to investigate is a series of what appears to be Al-Qaeda attacks in the US. The problem, Mahoney and DeMarco believe there is somebody else behind them, somebody who wants it to appear like Al-Qaeda is masterminding the attacks. They don't believe Al-Qaeda is behind it. While this is happening, a Senator Broderick proposes a bill that will make all American Muslims go through a security checks to make sure they have no ties with Al-Qaeda. Mahoney knows this would be a problem in the future, and possible now. All the Muslim American's would be pissed for having to go through interrogations. He feels there is no way this bill will be passed. But then…it is passed by the Senate. Mahoney tries his hardest to keep the bill from being voted on in the House.

While all this is happening, we are also getting another story. The story is a Muslim in the US looking for younger boys that he can use in attacks. He has found the perfect kid. He starts finding the next site to have an attack and educating the boy on what needs to be done.

Investigating this issue causes DeMarco to try and take down a huge meth dealer that the DEA has been working on for years. Of course DeMarco and his helpers have lots of plans to figure all this out, but something always goes wrong. Then, they come up with another plan, and try again.

I haven't read any by this author before but had heard he was good. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. It's a bit different from the mysteries I normally read, it's more of a political mystery than a romantic thriller or cozy mystery. Also, I didn't feel like I was reading a book in a series, didn't feel like I was missing something. Now, while I say I enjoyed this book, I will also admit that I didn't pick the best time to read a book that deals with terrorist attacks in the US. (IE – 9/11). So I did take a couple days off and read another book. So, yes I enjoyed the story and felt it was well written, but I just picked a bad time to pick up this book, so that's why it took me so long to read it.

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