Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cozy Mystery Challenge Wrap-Up

So who how did all of you do? Did you read as many as you said you would? Did you like the books you read or wish you had picked others? Did you follow your list or did you pick up others like I did?

If you could, create a post on your blog regarding completing the challenge and then leave a comment and link to the post. I'm interested to see how you all did!

Also, as of right now I plan on doing the cozy mystery challenge twice next year. It will be once in April and once in September. So please keep that in mind. I hope all of you will "play"

Also, be sure to send me an email with your mailing address so I can send you a prize! That's right, we are all winners! I wouldn't hold your breath on the prizes though. I'm going to be making at least one bookmark for each participant, but haven't made them yet. Haha! I promise you will get one! You should be able to email me via my blogger profile. If not, let me know and I'll put it on this post or figure out how to get it to you.


Lezlie said...

>>So who did all of you do?<<

Can I keep that a mystery?? :-) Sorry, that typo made me laugh though!


Kris said...

haha! Thanks for bringing that to my attention Lezlie. and yes...we should all keep that a secret. lol!

sharonluvscats80atyahoodotcom said...

Jenn & The Cats of Castle Coull said...

I posted my wrap up:

Heidi said...

If it works here is the link to my wrap up. I really enjoy this challenge

Lover of Books said...

lol I read 8 like I wanted but changed a couple out. I read two Diane Mott Davidson books instead of the books by Mary Ellen Hugh. :)