Monday, October 20, 2008

The Witch is Dead by Shirley Damsgaard

This is the 5th in the series. Which (or should that be witch?) means I'm all caught up until the 6th one comes out on 12/30. Woohoo! This is one of like, um, 3, that I'm caught up with.

I've realized that once I'm really invested in a series and love the characters, it's hard for me to write a review. It's not because I didn't enjoy the book. It's because I feel like I know them so well. So for my review I feel like just saying "well, Abby and Ophelia are getting in trouble again. Oh, but this time their Aunt Dot is visiting. She is quite the character. You gotta read this one." And that's it. Because I'm assuming you all read this series too. I'm right, right? Haha!

Ok, so my attempt at a real review.

Things are moving along for Ophelia and Tink. She has received word that Jason will allow Ophelia to adopt Tink and won't put up a fight. This is wonderful news! Aunt Dot, one of the crazy Aunts from Abby's home town, comes in for a visit. She has heard about Ophelia's dabbling in murder investigations and is hoping to have some fun while she is here. Soon after she arrives they learn that the man she befriended on the plane has been murdered. Aunt Dot thinks this is the perfect adventure. Did I mention that Aunt Dot can talk to fairies? Yeah….Abby and Ophelia think she's a little off her rocker.

Ophelia is determined not to get caught up in this murder investigation but that all stops when Tink is kidnapped. Ethan shows back up in this book and lends Ophelia a hand.

Yup, another good one from Shirley Damsgaard. I really enjoy this series. I'll be hoping I get a Border's gift card for Christmas or at least some money so I can get #6.

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