Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Young Adult readers aka…my experience at Borders

Last night I ended up going to Borders with my Mom. She tricked me. She said she wanted to go to Archivers, which we did. She didn't tell me she also planned on going to Borders. Those are both evil evil places…I always end up walking out of those stores will less money than I walked in with.

So we were standing in the YA section because my Mom was looking at the Eragon book. I already own it and told her it was really good, so she was looking at the back cover. I was looking at other books that seemed interested. IE – the covers caught my eye. I noticed a girl standing near us and so I asked her if she had read the book I was currently holding. She said no, but that she heard it was great. So then I decided to ask if she had read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. She got really excited and said the she had read all of them. Then she proceeded to show me some other authors that she really likes. I loved it! Not only did I get some recommendations on some Young Adult books, but the girl seemed so excited to actually talk to people about books and reading. You guys should have seen her! Haha!

I'm not really sure what prompted me to ask her recommendation in the first place. I think just because the book looked interested and I was hoping to get an opinion from somebody. I half expected her to give me a weird look and walk away.

But you know what I loved most? The fact that she was just really excited about books! About reading! There's hope for America yet!


Ok, you guys are dying to know what she recommended aren't you?


Here are the authors she recommended:

Michael Scott (This is the one I asked her about and she said she heard was good…I was holding The Alchemyst)

Scott Westerfeld

P.C. Cast and Krstin Cast – Untamed might be the first, but not sure

Tamora Pierce – I ended up buying Trickster's Choice by this author


Josette said...

That's a nice story! It sure is fun to meet other people who love to read too. In my country, there are efforts to increase the reading habit because not many people read for pleasure!

I'd sure like to meet other people who have read the same books like I do at the bookstore. Perhaps they can recommended some authors which I've yet to try too!

Ladytink_534 said...

I agree, Borders is an evil, evil place that somehow always steals money from me! Yay! Glad to know that not all the teenagers today are braindead...

I've read Scott Westerfeld's Uglies and I really liked it. You should also try Rachel Caine's Morganvillle Vampires if you haven't already. I liked the first one of that series as well.

Bookfool said...

There's nothing more fun than finding a fellow book enthusiast and following them around as they point out books. Except, maybe the actual reading. :)

Kris said...

Josette - I hope something can be done to get youngsters to read more.

Ladytink - Thanks for the recommendation. I haven't read it yet, so I'll look into it.

Kris said...

Bookfool - I totally agree! I've been able to do that a couple times in the mystery section with other adults, but never in the YA section before. I was just so excited that the girl was so excited about reading. haha!

Taminator said...

Great story, Kris! I love it when I can talk books with kids, too. The first book in the House of Night series is Marked (P.C. Cast). I love the really picks up around book 3.


Kris said...

Taminator...Thanks for the info! I would have looked it up, but at work most author websites are blocked, due to entertainement. grrr....