Monday, November 10, 2008

Deadly Night by Heather Graham

This is the 1st in the Flynn brother's trilogy. The Flynn brothers are Aidan, Jeremy, and Zach. They have inherited a plantation in New Orleans, that they didn't even know about. In fact, they didn't even realize they had any surviving relatives. The house is in need of a lot of repairs, but the boys (I suppose I should say "men") decide to fix it up and keep it. However there is something not quite right about the place. Aidan has found two thigh bones on the property. They don't belong to the same person, but he still thinks he needs to be investigated. The local authorities think it's nothing of importance. There are still a lot of bones displaces since the hurricane. Luckily for Aidan, his brothers and himself all have a past with law enforcement, so they are able to get some help. Kendall is the woman who took care of their unknown Aunt while she was sick. She takes a diary from the plantation house, with the intent to return it. She knows something strange is going on and feels a draw to the diary and the house. The history regarding the house is that during the civil war, two cousins fought on opposite sides. The one cousin owned the house and the lady living there, Fiona, was his wife. However they did marry in secret. He is close to the house and decides to visit. When he arrives he see's his wife running on the balcony with a man from the army behind her. He shoots the man, only to be shot by another soldier who shows up. He shoots the other soldier before he notices who it is, his cousin. His cousin had herd that the other man, the evil man, had come out to the plantation and he came to protect Fiona. It's rumored that the cousins and Fiona haunt the mansion.

As Aidan and his brothers start to investigate the bones, they realize that a serial killer has been murdering in the area for awhile, and have a list of 10 possible victims. All trails seem to lead to the house they inherited. When Kendall and Aidan both start to see ghosts, although they won't admit it, they know it has to do with what happened here so long ago.

If you are a fan of Heather Graham's or have at least read one of her books in the past, then you know this is a paranormal romantic mystery. Of course there is going to be a murder investigation. Of course there are ghosts. And of course there are two people who don't like each other at first, but then can't keep their hands off of each other. Lol! If you know me, then you know I can't pass up a book like this. Ghosts, a murder investigate, and a romance? What could be better?!

I really enjoyed this book and am so glad there are two more in the series/trilogy because I really liked the characters. In fact, I already bought the second so that I can read it when I'm ready to read this type of book again. If I didn't have so many review books, I would probably read it next. Haha!

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Ladytink_534 said...

Ooh! Sounds good!

Butterfly Amy said...

I'm SO with you here!
I love her books and the perfect mix of romance, paranormal and mystery!
I'm dying to read this trilogy too.. I'll have to remember to get it soon. :)

BookAddict said...

Hi Kris-

I am just about finished, will finish tonight. When are you reading the second one?


Kris said...

Thanks ladies for all the comments!

bookaddict - not sure when I plan to read the 2nd, want to buddy read again? I can read it at any time.