Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Chocolate Snowman Murders by JoAnna Carl

Title: The Chocolate Snowman Murders

Copy Right: 2008

Publisher and genre: Obsidian/Mystery

Pages: 228


Simple description

(I stole this from the Author’s website)

Lee McKinney is involved with one of the pillars of small town America– a committee. She’s treasurer of the Warner Pier Winter Arts Festival planning committee. This is a minor inconvenience until the juror for the arts show winds up dead in his motel room, and Lee was the person who dropped him off there. How do a small-town grand dame, a choir director, a sculptor, a shy publicist, and a sinister snowman fit in? Can even Aunt Nettie’s chocolate keep Lee from being a suspect?

Why did I read this book?

If you have been a follower of my blog, than you already know this answer.  For those who are kinda new: I read this book because I adore this series.   I’ve been with Lee since day one, or close to it.  These are fun mysteries that are usually a pretty quick read. 

About the book:

Basically, Lee gets involved in another murder.  This time she tries to find the murdered because the police in a small town where the juror was killed believe either Joe or herself killed this man and also a local women who was murdered soon after the juror was found.  She really decides she needs to figure out who the murder is when the juror’s missing cell phone shows up her coat pocket.  She knows she is being framed.  Luckily Aunt Nettie’s new husband is the Chief of Police and he knows Joe and lee would never do something like this.

What I liked most:

I just like being back with friends.  I love Aunt Nettie – she’s a wonderful lady.  I really like Lee too.  This is the 8th in the series and by now I know the main character’s pretty well and like reading about them.   The books aren’t that big, so they are a quick read for when I need something that’s not going to take a long time.

Was there something I didn’t like?

If you have read this series than you know that Lee has a bit of a problem…she often uses the wrong words when she is nervous.  While  I get it, it’s probably the only thing I don’t like and it’s in all the books.  Luckily I’ve noticed the author usually does it a bit in the beginning and then not so much for the rest of the book.

Do I recommend the book?

Definitely!  If you like cozy mysteries, then I suggest reading this series.  I would, of course, start with the first book.   The first is called The Chocolate Cat Caper.



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Anonymous said...

That book looks so good - I love the title and the cover, too!

Kris said...

Bermudaonion - I agree - love the cover

Beth F said...

I love cozy mysteries! I've been thinking of starting this series . . . just have to catch up on some others first. Thanks for the review.

Kris said...

Beth - I know what you mean, I have a ton of series I need to catch up on. Hope you start this one, the books are quick reads and the charactors are great

Ladytink_534 said...

I've read the first two books in this series. I really need to get around to reading the rest!