Sunday, January 11, 2009

Combining Blogs

Thank you to all who voted and those who left comments!   I will be combining my appears most people enjoy that. 

I'll be working on that this week.  I was going to do it this weekend..but well..put it off and now I want to go scrapbook, so putting it off some more.

Things you can look forward too....some recipes, listening to me talk about coupons, pictures of my nephews, and other stuff.  I promise it's not a lot, yet.   of course,  you can always just skip the personal posts too.

So that's basically it.  I just wanted to touch base.  Oh..and I have received two awards recently.  Yippee!  Thanks ladies!   I will be posting those soon too.  I've just been occupied with other things.


bermudaonion said...

I'm looking forward to the personal posts.

Literary Feline said...

It'll probably be easier for you too, keeping one blog. I look forward to the finished product. :-)