Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Improvement project - week 2

Yeah yeah..I'm a wee bit late on this one. Better late than never right?

I think my regular feature is going to be something IT related. I mentioned this in my first blog improvement project post but I think it works well for this week also.

I work in IT and run across things weekly that I think is common knowledge but that lost of normal pc users don't know. I'm going to try and post some of it as a way to just help everyone out there in blog land.

I would love it if readers could remember to post a comment or email me when they have a question. Then I would have some direction and know that what I'm writing is actually going to help somebody.

I don't have a frequency as for how often this well be done. I would love to say it would be weekly, but I know myself and I know that would never happen. I'm going to say that it will definitely be once a month. I hope to do it more often, but you never know.

So...anybody out there have any questions for me?


Kathrin said...

Oh wow! I just love your new feature, Kris :-)
Maybe you could tell us a bit about Excel's various functions every now and then? I just know there are at least a hundred functions I don't know yet, and most likely, I'm not the only one out there... ;-)

Kris said...

Kathrin - Thanks for the suggestion. You're right...there are a ton of functions out there. I'll work on creating a post about some of them.

cessie said...

You are right, one often stumbles on things while using the computer. I will think of questions.

Kris said...

Cessie - that would be great if you could think of anything! Thanks!