Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cozy Mystery Challenge - selection

Since I have so many other challenges going on, I'm only going to commit to 6 books for this challenge. However, I'm going to try and read more than 6 cozy mysteries during the time frame. I don't want to fail though, so that's why I'm only going to commit to 6.

I did create a list, but if I decide to change it, I will. It all depends on my reading moods those months.

I selected 3 books that I'm not reading for other challenges, they are:
Gunpowder Green by Laura Childs
The Cracked Pot by Melissa Glazer
Blessed is the busybody by Emilie Richards

I selected 3 books that I am reading for other challenges, they are:
Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett
Tacked to Death by Michele Scott
Design for Murder by Carolyn Hart

Another book that I would like to read, but just depends on if I can get a copy is The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson. It should be released on July 7th.


Karen Olson said...

Hi Kris, THE MISSING INK will definitely be out July 7 and it's up for preorder already. I hope you like it!

Kris said...

Karen - I plan on stalking Border's shelves once it comes out in hopes they will have a copy in stock. If not, I'll have to pre-order it. I love tattoo's, so this one sounds like the perfect cozy for me.