Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peppermint Twisted by Sammi Carter

Copyright: 2007

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime

Genre: Mystery (cozy)

Pages: 244

Challenges: TBR Challenge (main list), Series challenge season 3

New-to-me author? No

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Simple Description

Abby is looking forward to the Paradise arts festival that's coming up soon. Then the mayor removes the director of the arts festival and puts Felicity Asbury in her place. Nobody likes Felicity and ask Abby to talk to her. Abby goes to Felicity's house to have a chat, only it doesn't go so well. The next morning, Felicity is found murder, in her car, in front of Abby's candy store. Abby promises the cops that she won't investigate the murder, but when she finds out that the towns people think that she is the murderer, Abby doesn't feel she has any other choice.

Then another person is found dead. Unfortunately, Abby also had a run-in with this person the night before. Abby isn't sure exactly how this murder ties in with the other one, but she knows it does.

Why did I read this book?

I have read the first two in the series and enjoy them. I've had this one for awhile and since it was taking me awhile to get to it, I used it for 2 challenges this year.

What I liked most:

Probably the same thing I like about most cozy mysteries, it's a light mystery. There's nothing gory about it, there's lot of towns folk and normal stuff going on. It's a light read, but still interesting. I like that Abby works in a candy shop. I like that she left this small town to go to college and have a career and didn't come back until her life was falling apart. This causes tension between herself and a lot of her relatives in the town of Paradise. I think that just makes the story more interesting, because you have that tension along with the murder.

Was there something I didn't like?

The character seemed to dwell on the past too much. I know, that happens a lot. Heck, it happens a lot in real life. seemed to be a bit too much in this book. I still liked the character though.

Do I recommend the book?

I do, although I recommend starting with the 1st in the series if you haven't already. I think this is a fun cozy mysteries and do forward to more from this author.

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bermudaonion said...

I love cozy mysteries, but I do like to read series in order.

Kris said...

You and me both Bermudaonion! Due to review books I tend to read some series out of order, but if it's not a review book, I always read in order.

Ladytink_534 said...

You're SO lucky! I've wanted to read these since I discovered them but my library doesn't have them and I forget to ILL them every time I go.

Beth F said...

I like cozies! But I have to read them in order, too. This looks like a great light series for vacations.

Lesa said...

What a great cover! Sometimes, the cover does make the book. This is one I'd pick up off the shelf, based on the cover alone.

I read the first in this series, and, for some reason, just never got back to it. But, the first one was fun, Kris.

Thanks for the review!

Lesa Holstine

Kris said...

Ladytink - I bet you would enjoy this series. If the library does get them, you'll have to bother somebody till they give them to you for your birthday. haha!

Beth F. - I agree- it's best to read them in order. This series is fun...but makes me want to eat candy, luckily most of the candy mentioned in this one was peppermint and I'm not a peppermint fan.

Lesa - I agree - this series has some nice covers. I do the same thing with lots of series, read the first or first couple, and plan to read more, but never do for whatever reason.

Heidi said...

i remember liking this one. i havegoody goody gunshots sutting here waiting its turn to be read, it wil be going in your book box once I read it.

Kris said...

Heidi - that shows you how bad I am, I didn't realize she had another in the series written already. haha! I hope you like it...and Thanks!