Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Murderous Glaze by Melissa Glazer

Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 213
Challenges: Read your own books, 1st in a series
New-to-me author? Yes - if you count this name and not that fact that it's a pen name for Tim Myers
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Simple Description
Carolyn owns a pottery store/studio in the small town of Maple Ridge. One evening when she goes back to the story to make sure the kilns are on, she finds the dead body of Betty Wickline. The sheriff considers Carolyn the main suspect, not only because the dead woman was found in her store but also because it was a known fact that the two women didn't get along.

As you can imagine, business is very slow at the pottery store after this happens, gossip around town is that Carolyn really did kill the woman. When Carolyn's assistant, David, suggest they look into the murder and try to solve it, she says no. However, when her husband tells her she can't do it, of course she has to start investigating. She calls a group of friends and the pottery group, known as the Firing Squad, to help her.

Carolyn has a long list of suspects and each time she askes around and gets more info, the list seems to grow instead of getting smaller. In fact, she even has the sheriff and his wife on the list.

Why did I read this book?
I really love cozy mysteries and I heard that this was a good series.

What I liked most:

I liked the small town atmosphere and how friends come together to help out somebody in need.

Was there something I didn't like?
I didn't always like the main character! I hate to admit that! I thought she was too quick to get defensive and get annoyed with people. I'm planning to read the 2nd in the series and I hope that there is more character development and I end up liking her better.

Do I recommend the book?
I do. Even though I can't rave about Carolyn I still thought this was a good book. If you like cozy mysteries, take a peek at this book next time you are at the bookstore.

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tea said...

Sounds like a fun cozy.

bermudaonion said...

Isn't it funny how a character in a book can annoy us? The book does sound fun, though.

Kris said...

Tea - It is a good start to a new series - I know I have the 2nd and hope it's even better.

Bermudaonion - I know! haha! Most of the time what really makes me like a book are the charactors, so disapointed I didn't like the main charactor as much but glad that didn't ruin the book for me.

Diane said...

Kris, thanks for the compliment on my blog colors. BTW>>> I'm doing lousy on the cozy mystery challenge so far :(

Kris said...

Diane - you're welcome! I'm not doing so hot on the challenge either - I've only read one for it. haha!

Beth F said...

YOu know I love a good cozy -- so I'll be looking for your review of the second one.

Kris said...

Beth - you and me both! haha! I'll be reading it in the next couple of months - so you won't have to wait tooo long.

Dorte H said...

Ah, I thought it would be a cozy ... it sounds a bit like Midsomer Murders with Barnaby.

The Book Resort said...

Here's my review:

Nonna (Chèli) said...

I love to find out bout new cozies. Thanks for the review, I'll check this one out.

Kris said...

Cheli - another cozy fan! They are great books aren't they? I hope you like this series.