Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Copyright: 2009
Publisher: Ace Fantasy
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 288
Challenges: Read-Your-Own books, 1st in a Series, Paranormal, Love Bites
New-to-me author? Yes
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Simple Description
Mercy Thompson is a mechanic and one day while working a young man shows up asking for work. He wants to work for cash, doesn't want to have to use his SSN. Normally, Mercy wouldn't do this but something makes her say yes and allow him to work for her. OH…and did I mention Mercy is a shape shifter and this new guy is a werewolve? That should make things interesting shouldn't it? A couple of days later, Mercy goes into work at night to get her purse. She doesn't to the light on because, well, being able to shift into a coyate also gives her an excellent sense of smell and eyesight. When she is ready to leave the shop she hears Mac, the new guy, talking to some others. She knows there are some other new werewolves and also humans. It sounds like he is in trouble. She shifts and in trying to protect Mac she accidentally kills one of the werewolves. She know she has to contact Adam. He is the local werewolf pack's alpha male. At this point..things seems like they couldn't get worse…but they do. The next morning Mercy finds Mac on her doorstep, dead. When she runs next door to Adam's house she finds the house in shambles and Adam trying to fight another werewolf, with 2 others dead in the house already. She helps him kill the last one and because Adam is in such bad shape she takes him to the pack where she grew up. This just opens up another can of worms. OH..and I think I forgot to mention that Adam's 15 year old daughter was also kidnapped. Oh..and it seems as if somebody in Adam's pack is betraying him.

Why did I read this book?
Awhile ago I had asked for suggestions on paranormal books and this is one that several people recommended.

What I liked most:
I love the paranormal aspect of it. I love that there are vampires and werewolves and fae and shifters. I also really liked Mercy.

Was there something I didn't like?
Not that I remember.

Do I recommend the book?
I do! I think if you like paranormal books you will like this one. It reminds me of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris a bit – so if you like that series check this one out too. In fact, I was at the bookstore earlier this week getting a travel book and even though I wasn't even half-way through this one, I bought the 2nd in the series too. I liked it that much.

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Ana T. said...

Hi Kris, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed book 2. I haven't read it yet but I plan to soon.