Friday, July 31, 2009

The I suck at challenges challenge – update 7 (July)

This challenge is being hosted by book-a-rama.

This post is a challenge wrap-up for the month of July. Overall I think I did very well. I sorta skipped reading a lot of the review books that I should have read and instead from my own stacks (bought books) that helped me. So next month I might not do as well since I want to get most of my review books read, I'm a bit behind. Also, I know I still have a couple months to complete the non-fiction challenge, but not feeling it. I don't think I'll be completing that one. I guess it depends on if any of the books catch my interest or not. I really do want to read them, but each time I go to pick one up..I just don't want to. I have several that I'm close to finishing and some that I'm not very close but hoping I can focus on in the next couple of months.

Now…for the facts!

Total challenges that I'm competing in as of July 1st:

12(this doesn't count the completed challenges from earlier in the year)

Completed Challenges in (July):
Paranormal Challenge
Young Adult

Total completed challenges in 2009:

20 Books in 2009 - Challenge completed 02/2009
The Pub Challenge - challenge completed 05/2009
Love Bites – Challenge completed 06/2009
Paranormal Challenge – challenge completed 07/2009
Young Adult Challenge – challenge completed 07/2009

Challenges I read a qualifying book for in July:
Young Adult
I read 4 books (Playing with Fire, Love Lies and Texas Dips, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Eight Grade Bites)
At the end of July I had 12/12 completed

Paranormal 2009
I read 1 book (Playing with Fire)
At the end of July I had 7/7 completed

Read-Your-Own Books
I read 1 book (Big Cherry Holler)
At the end of July I had 14/26 completed

TBR Challenge
I read 1 book (Playing with Fire)
At the end of July I had 6/24 completed (I'm counting my main list and alternate list since I'm going to try and read all of them)

War Through The Generations
I read 1 book (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas)
At the end of July I had 4/5 completed

Series Challenge 3
I read 1 book (Down by the River)
At the end of July I had 13/21 books completed, 7/12 series completed.

Cozy Mystery Challenge (April-Sept)
I read 2 books (Cream Puff Murder, The Missing Ink)
At the end of July I had 5/6 completed

Non-Fiction Five Challenge (May-Sept)
I read 1 book (The Rise and Fall of the Dillinger Gang)
At the end of July I had 2/5 completed

Progress for challenges that I didn't read a book for in July:
9 books for 2009 (I currently have 4/9 completed)
1st in a series challenge (I currently have 6/12 completed)
Chunkster Challenge (I currently have 2/3 completed)
Arthurian Challenge ( I currently have 0/2 completed)


Diane said...

No need to be so hard on yourself. You are still doing fiine with your challenges.

Bookfool said...

Go get 'em, Kris! You're actually quite a challenge queen.

Kris said...

Diane - Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing well but whenever I do the wrap-up post I feel better, I'm doing way better than I did last year.

Bookfool - Thanks! I just love a good book challenge. haha!