Monday, August 10, 2009

Gold of Kings by Davis Bunn

Copyright: 2009

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Genre: Mystery

Pages: 342

Challenges: None

New-to-me author? Yes

Author's website

Simple Description

I'm a bit too lazy to come up with my own description, so I copied this from the author's website:

After the murder of her grandfather, art historian Storm Syrell discovers family secrets— linking ancient

relics to the highest ranks of business and government around the world. Desperate to learn more,

she follows a trail of clues which lead to treasure-hunter Harry Bennett and an extraordinary revelation

about the nature of her grandfather's final quest. As Storm and Harry delve deeper into unlocking biblical

mysteries, they attract ruthless enemies.

Now what you really want to know…my thoughts:

First- I apologize for abandoning my blog recently. I switched jobs and I'm adjusting to a new routine. I get home later in the evenings so don't have much time to do this after work and not able to squeeze it in at work (seeing as home I've only been there a week!). I actually finished this one the end of last week and I'm just now getting my review out there! Yikes!

Ok..on to the book. I really enjoyed it. It took me awhile to read it but I think it's because of starting the new job and not having as much time to read (I actually have to drive myself to and from work now! Lol!). While it did take me longer to read it, I did enjoy it from the beginning. I really like Storm and Harry, two of the main characters. I liked their interaction with the FBI agent. Although, the romance between the agent and Harry I didn't really get, didn't think it fit and could have been left out. That doesn't mean it ruined the book, I just didn't really get it.

I thought the book was pretty action wasn't constant moving but it moved enough to keep my interested and keep me going. I think others will definitely like this book.

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Happy Reading and thanks for stopping by……Kris


Beth F said...

I have this on my pile. I'd better get to it!

Kris said...

Beth - Oh good! I can't wait to read what you think of it.