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Love, Lies, and Texas Dips by Susan McBride

Copyright: 2009
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Genre: young adult
Pages: 293
Challenges: Young Adult Challenge
New-to-me author? no
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Simple Description
Love, Lies, and Texas Dips picks up where the first in the series, The Debs, left off. There are four main charactors, three are friends and the fourth is pretty much their enemy. All 4 girls have been invited to The Glass Slipper Club, something all most girls aspire to be a part of in their area of Texas.

Mac is the only one of the 4 who doesn't really want to be a part of it. She isn't about dressing up and pretty much thinks it's shallow. She is doing it though, because her mother would have wanted her to. She has more important things to deal with – such as a step-mom she doesn't like, a father who isn't around much, and the realization that she wants to me more than just friends with her best friend, Alex.

Ginger is excited to be part of The Glass Slipper Club, especially since her two best friends are also in it. She is at her Grandmother's for tea one afternoon, when she finds out that her Grandmother has commissioned a portrait of Ginger in her gown. The same gown her Grandmother wore when she had her debute. It all sounds good until she learns that the person doing the portrait is an old comrade from grade school who put down her artwork.

Laura is the third person who makes up the friends group. She is bigger than the other girls, not exactly skinny. This is a major cause of concern for her mother and the bimbo's – the other girls who make fun of her for her weight. Laura is happy with who she is, but still has to deal with the weight issue. In this one it looks like Laura has a secret admirer, somebody is sending her yummy treats. The problem is that these are causing her to gain weight. When she confronts the guy she likes, he tells her the treats are not from him. Could the treats be a joke? Plus an evil rumor is spread around about her, once that could get her kicked out of the Glass Slipper Club. She isn't sure what to do.

Jo Lynn is the fourth main character and enemy to Laura and her friends. She is beautiful, skinny, and things seem to be wonderful. However she is evil. Jo Lynn is the type of character you love to hate. She hates Laura and will do whatever she can to ruin her life and her chance to be in The Glass Slipper Club. Things come to an boiling point when Jo Lynn believes her current boyfriend is cheating on her with Laura.

Now what you really want to know…my thoughts:
I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed the first one. Each of the girls is different and it's fun to see them interact with each other. Of course, as I said, Jo Lynn is the type of person you just love to hate. Oh man is she evil! I just wanted to slap her! Laura, Mac, and Ginger have a great friendship. What I love is that they have their issues to, they fight, they get mad at each other, it's not 100% awesome all the time. I also think it's fun to see what life is like for a Deb. Being from St. Louis, it's all kinda foreign to me. Of course, they could have those in STL but since I'm not incredibly wealthy, I don't see it. I also really like Laura. To me, Laura is more of a "normal" person. She has to constantly battler her weight and Jo Lynn. She's the type of person you want to root for and home they come out finishing first.

My only complaint is that the book ends with a cliff hanger. Nothing is really resolved in this one and it's totally left as is. Ack! No no no! I wanted to know what would happen to the rumors regarding Laura. I wanted to know what Jo Lynn's next step would be! So I guess it's not really something to complain about, I just don't want to have to wait till next year to see what happens! Haha! I will definitely be reading the next one, which has a release date of March 2010. And yes..I do recommend this one to others. I think teenage girls will really like this series.

and..I have a copy of this book to give away to one lucky winner! That will bein a seperate blog post!

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