Saturday, August 22, 2009

Local YMCA book fair

So today was the local YMCA book fair. This is the first time I have ever gone. I've heard it's awesome but in years past I never knew about it until after it took place. This year I saw a billboard and made sure I attended. (much to my husbands enthusiasm haha!).

So..doors opened at 9 am. I showed up around 9:05 am. I had to park in the grass because there were so many people there. I drove by the entrance and the line was moving steadily..but there was still a very long line. I had planned to bring in one of the re-usable shopping bags that I keep in the car, but so many people had boxes and things they could roll, that on impulse I grabbed 2. Better safe than sorry right?

So I get inside...tons of books. The childrens section was first so I stopped at the YA table, but was disapointed. None of the current books were there! In fact..the YA section was mostly kids still - none of the books for older kids.

So on I moved. I made the mistake of happening upon the mystery hardback area first..and found several that I wanted. I couldn't find a good fiction section....there wasn't one. Most of general fiction books were on a table labeled oversized paperbacks. I was going to avoid that table, until I walked by it and realized oversized meant trade paperback. Heaven. just want me to get to the point and tell you what I got right?
Here it goes, I got all of the following books for a grand total of $38. Oh, and yes, since I collect the books I made sure all the books I bought were in like new condition or almost like new condition.

Diane Mott Davidson - Sweet Revenge (hardback)
Diane Mott Davidson - Dark Tort (hardback)
Mary Daheim - Saks & Violins (hardback)
Joe Hill - Heart-Shaped Box (hardback)
Tess Gerritsen - The Keepsake (hardback)
Lisa Jackson - Lost Souls (hardback)
Jane Green - The Beach House (hardback)
John Saul - Perfect Nightmare (mass market paperback)
Heather Graham - Killing Kelly (mass market paperback)
Donna Leon - Death at La Fenice (mass market paperback)
Anne Perry - The Cater Street Hangman (mass market paperback)
Carl Hiaasen - Skinny Dip (mass market paperback)
David Morrell - Creepers (mass market paperback)
PD James - The Murder Room (mass market paperback)
Billie Letts - The Honk and Holler Opening Soon (trade paperback)
Billie Letts - Where the Heart is (trade paperback)
Rebecca Campbell - Slave to Fashion (trade paperback)
Lisa See - Peony in Love (trade paperback)
Linda Sue Park - A Single Shard (trade paperback)
Jane Yolen - The Devil's Arithmetic (trade paperback)
L. M. Elliott - Under a War-Torn Sky (trade paperback)
Eoin Colfer - The Supernaturalist (trade paperback)
Jack Dann - The Silent (trade paperback)

Impressive list isn't it!!! Several of the trade paperbacks are YA that I happened across on the table for the larger paperbacks. I had never heard of any of them, except the Eoin Colfer book. What caught my interest was either the title or cover and then when I got one because it was Newberry winner and the others (not counting hte Colfer book) because they deal with WWII - one even has the symbol for the National Jewish Book Award.

I'm very happy with the books I got. I know I'll be going next year!


bermudaonion said...

Wow, you found some real bargains! That should keep you busy for a while.

Diane said...

You got some great titles Kris. I love booksales, but hate those annoying people (book dealers) with their scanners, who tend to hoard all the good books.

Kris said...

Bermudaonion - I have no idea when I'm going to read these! haha! I really didn't NEED more books, but it was a ton of fun getting them. haha!

Diane - lucky I didn't notice anybody like that. My only issue was that they didn't have room on the tables for all the books, so put them in boxes under the table, so people were holding up the aisles while they went through the boxes! I mean, I get it, but at the same time, it was just annoying. haha