Friday, September 4, 2009

Coupon Savings for August

Wow! August ended up being a great month for savings! Husband and I made 2 purchases at Omaha Steaks. We did it once, the lady gave us back the coupon because it didn't expire till the end of the month and said we could use it again if we wanted to. The next weekend, the husband asked if I wouldn't mind going back. Haha! We only spent about $42/each trip (including tax) and got a ton of meat. It will last a long time since it's just the two of us. I looked at the receipt and it had showed that there was a $99.01 discount! Can't beat that. I also found a mirror that I liked for the hall bathroom. Ok, I have found several I thought were nice, but they are so expensive!!!! Finally found one at Joann fabrics. I read the price tag and thought it said $99.99. So I waited till the next weekend when I had a 40% off coupon and went back to get it. It ended up being $69.99 and not $99.99, so even better. But…due to the coupon I saved $28! So excited! We finally have a mirror to hang in the hall bathroom, which we renovated in the spring. Haha!

In all, I saved a total of $479.80 by using coupons this month. For the year I have saved a total of $1,637.43.

Grocery store:
08/06 - $30.34
08/13 - $19.77
08/23 - $99.01 (Omaha Steaks)
08/27 - $18.80
08/30 - $99.01 (Omaha Steaks)
Total: $266.93

08/09 - $1
08/16 - $30.75
08/21 - $1
08/22 - $7.19
08/23 - $40.74
08/29 - $16.80
Total: $97.48

08/01 - $14
08/09 - $6
08/29 - $4.50
08/30 - $2
Total: $26.50

08/09 - $2.10
08/13 - $3.80
08/26 - $12.00
08/30 - $4
Total: $21.9

08/07 - $5

Misc. House:
08/09 - $23.99
08/30 - $10
08/30 - $28
Total: $61.99



bermudaonion said...

That is fantastic!

Kris said...

Thanks! I stock-piled so much this past month, I shouldn't need detergent for a year - at least! Lol! I could probably go several years without having to buy shampoo/conditioner and bodywash too. haha! (I even sold some of the stuff I got really cheap to my sister)

Beth F said...

That's just amazing. My problem with coupons is that I cut them out and then leave them at home or get distracted by other items!

Kris said...

Beth - Thanks! I'm still amazed by how much I save. It took me awhile to find a system of organizing the coupons that worked for me. I still forget them at home sometimes...but for the most part I'm in a good habit of grabbing them and my re-usable bags when I walk out the door.