Monday, August 31, 2009

Challenge Roundup – update 8 (August)

This challenge is being hosted by book-a-rama.

Overall Progress?

I didn't do as well as I had hoped for. However, it's not because I read a bunch of other books, I just didn't get a lot read this month. Next month, I hope to finish some of these challenges. I am glad that I finished at least one challenge though. I basically have to finish 2 challenges a month for the rest of the year in order to complete all challenges I'm participating in, that end by the end of 2009. Oh boy…I have my work cut out for me.

Total challenges that I'm competing in as of August 1st:

12(this doesn't count the completed challenges from earlier in the year)

Completed Challenges in August

Cozy Mystery Challenge

Total completed challenges in 2009:

20 Books in 2009 - Challenge completed 02/2009

The Pub Challenge - challenge completed 05/2009

Love Bites – Challenge completed 06/2009

Paranormal Challenge – challenge completed 07/2009

Young Adult Challenge – challenge completed 07/2009

Challenges I read a qualifying book for in August:

9 books for 2009

I read 1 book (Bookends)

At the end of August I had 5/9 completed

Read-Your-Own Books

I read 1 book (Airman)

At the end of August I had 15/26 completed

TBR Challenge

I read 1 book (Remember Me?)

At the end of August I had 7/24 completed (I'm counting my main list and alternate list since I'm going to try and read all of them)

1st in a series challenge

I read 1 book (Remains of the Dead)

At the end of (August) I had 7/12 completed

Cozy Mystery Challenge (April-Sept)

I read 1 book (Blessed is the Busy Body)

At the end of August I had 6/6 completed

Non-Fiction Five Challenge (May-Sept)

I read 1 book (In the Land of Cotton)

At the end of (August) I had 3/5 completed

Progress for challenges that I didn't read a book for in (August):

War Through The Generations

At the end of (August) I had 4/5 completed

Series Challenge 3

At the end of (August) I had 13/21 books completed, 7/12 series completed.

Chunkster Challenge

At the end of (August) I had 2/3 completed

Arthurian Challenge (April 2009 – March 2010)

At the end of (August) I had 0/2 completed

Reliquiae Challenge (July 15th 2009 – January 15th 2010)

At the end of (August) I had 0/3 completed

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Beth F said...

You're really making progress. I had to drop a couple of challenges -- reality set in -- only four months left to the year!