Monday, September 14, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Aidana over at WillowRaven blog for giving me this award. I feel so honored to be given this one.

One of the requests with this blog is to list 7 things about yourself that my readers might not know about me. So....let's see what I come up with:

1. I'm the youngest of 3 children, all girls. So far both of my sisters have had kids and they have had all boys. ( the second part isn't about me but we think it's funny)

2. I'm a runner at heart. I love to run even though I keep hurting myself (currently suffering from a stress fracture in my heal). I know that running is hard on the body but can't give it up. I'm happiest when I can take off and run...I always come back energized and happier.

3. I love to scrapbook and make cards and make my Christmas cards every year.

4. I love to travel, which you guys might have figured out due to pictures.
5. I was born left handed, but my parents forced me to be right handed. So I write with my right hand but I can catch and throw balls with my left and I can kick a soccer ball with either my left or right. I also tend to lead with my left foot and grab for things with my left hand. Even though I can't write with my left, I'm pretty much ambidextries. I'm very curouse to see if my (future) kids will be left handed.

6. I'm a planner. I tend to plan things in advance...such as already thinking about Halloween even though it's well over a month away.
7. I love to bake, hate to cook. The more steps and ingredients there are in a recipe, the more exited I am to bake it. Within the last year I've gone towards baking from scratch. I don't buy cake mixes or icing at the store anymore...everything is made from scratch.


bermudaonion said...

Congratulations on your award! I'm curious as to why your parents forced you to be right handed. Our son's a lefty and neither one of us is.

Lover of Books said...

Congrats on the award!

Kris said...

Krista - Thanks!
Bermudaonion - Thanks! My father was born left handed but made to be right handed, his father was born left handed but made to be right I guess they just did the same with me. I know my Dad and Grandpa was forced to in school - those silly nuns. haha! My dad always used to say "It's a right handed world". So I guess maybe he did it think it would be easier for me. I didn't always realize how much I did with my left hand until several people asked if I was left or right handed. They noticed I wrote with my right but was dominate with my left in most other things.