Friday, September 11, 2009

Motif for Murder by Laura Childs

Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 288
Challenges: TBR Challenge, Series Challenge
New-to-me Author: no
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Simple Description:
Carmela is back with Shamus and things seem to be ok. Then things turn for the worse when Shamus is kidnapped on a Saturday morning. Things go from worse to, well, horrible, when Carmela runs to Uncle Henry's house for help and instead finds him murdered in his own library. Of course, Aunt Glory blaims Carmela and kicks her out of the garden district house.

Carmala doesn't want to investigate the murder but when she gets a clue as to where Shamus might be, she decides to snoop with her bestfriend and they find Shamus.

Shamus at first appears greatful but then is back to his old tricks, which causes some distress. Of course, there is still a murderer on the loose and the murdered thinks Carmela knows more than she really does. Her life is in danger more than once in this book.

Now what you really want to thoughts:
It's been awhile since I read part of this series and I'm glad I finally picked up another one. I really like Carmela, although can't figure out why she keeps going back to Shamus. I like Ava too - the two make a great pair of friends. I think this is a fun cozy book and definitly plan to read the rest in the series


bermudaonion said...

Cozy books are great, especially when you need something that feels familiar.

Kris said...

Bermudaonion - exactly! I've been rather down lately so it was just what I needed.

Lover of Books said...

I need to pick this one up but it might be awhile.

BookAddict said...

I love cozy series. Will have to give this one a try. If you like it, I will too.

Kris said...

BookAddict - I think this is one that Barbara really enjoyed to - so you know you'll love it!