Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Smile - Joan of Arc Chapel

Last week my husband and I went on a mini vacation.  We went to Madison, Wisconsin so he could go to a concert (The Appleseed Cast) with a friend. As luck would have it my Mom has a condo up there and she was staying at it, so we were able to stay with her and her boyfriend and hang out with them too.  The next day we left to go to Chicago to hang out with some of Husband's friends for a couple days before heading home.  On the way to Chicago we decided to stop in at Marquette University.

Husband graduated from Marquette and I've never been.   It was actually fun to see.  I work for St. Louis University, which is a Jesuit school just like Marquette, so we spent some time comparing the two.  I thought I won when I said that SLU had the exorcist.  (Have you seen the movie The Exorcist?  The priest that worked with the boy (it was a boy in real life) was a priest at SLU).  Then he won when we visited the Joan of Arc chapel.

The chapel was built in the 1500's (or early..I can't remember)  in France.  The Chapel was moved to the US in the 1920's and then to Marquette in the 1960's.  It's very pretty and has a lot of character.  In fact, it contains the Joan of Arc Stone.  The stone is said to have been kissed by Joan of Arc herself and be colder than any of the stones surrounding it.  I felt it and it didn't seem that way to me, but you never know, maybe it was having an off day.

So today's pictures are the Joan of Arc Chapel....hope you enjoy.

This is Husband imitating the statue. The statue is of the French guy that had the chapel brought to the states. You can actually see the chapel in the background.

This is the Joan of Arc Stone - it's the one on the bottom where you can see that a lot of people have touched it.
This is the back of the church.


bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a fun trip! My mom's from Rockford, and we used to visit Rockford, Madison & Chicago quite often when I was growing up.

Aleksandra said...

Great pics! It looks like you had a great time!
I have an award for you:

Kris said...

Bermudaonion - it was my first time visiting looks like a nice town. I loved the running trail by my Mom's condo.

Aleksandra - Thanks! I'm off to check it out.

Lover of Books said...

Sounds like a great trip! That chapel is gorgeous!