Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Seduction of the Crimson Rose by Lauren Willig

Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Dutton
Genre: Fiction
Pages: audio
Challenges: What's in a name (plant), Year of the historical, audio book
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Simple Description:
When Mary Alsworthy learns that her new brother-in-law, the man she was supposed to elope with, is going to help finance her last season, she decides to take Lord Vaughn up on his offer.  He offered her money in exchange for her help to flush out the Black Tulip.  While Mary would love to actually "catch" Lord Vaughn, he does have a lot of money after all, Lord Vaughn does not want to be married again.  He had all he could take from his first wife.  However, it appears that while neither one of them wants to admit it, they are falling in love with each other.

Lord Vaughn only takes Mary to one meeting before she is contacted by the Black Tulip.   When she meets him, he claims that he doesn't know if he should trust her to work for him.  He sets up another meeting with her, where he will give her instructions on how to prove her loyalty to him and France.    When Mary finally learns what she has to do, it's the last thing in the world she does want to do.

So the saga continues....will we find out who the Black Tulip is in this novel?  Will we learn more about the British spy ring?

Now what you really want to thoughts: 
I just adore this series.  The books are so much fun.  I love how, so far, each book revolves around two people we met in previous books and how (of course) they don't really like each other but end up falling in love.  We get more answers in this one, we do find out who the Black Tulip is, but there is still some mystery surrounding the Black Tulip at the end.

This is definitely a series that you have to read in order (at least I think it is).  It's a great series though, one of my favorites.

 This audio book was rented from my local library.

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