Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sprinkle with Murder by Jenn McKinlay

Copyright: 2010
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 215
Challenges: Thriller and Suspense, Buy 1 book and read it, Cozy Mystery
New-to-me Author: Yes
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Simple Description: 
Melanie, Angie, and Tate have been friends since the 6th grade.  They didn't think anything would come between us, then Tate got engaged to a royal, um..well...not a nice person.  Melanie and Angie have tried to like his fiancée but she's just too much.  Then Tate and his fiancée decide to have Melanie provide all the cupcakes for the 500 guests invited to the wedding.  Melanie is cool with this, she does own Fairy Tale Cupcakes, but she doesn't like how the fiancée wants 5 new flavors and copyright to those flavors.

When Melanie shows up at the fiancee's clothes shop to go over the cupcakes, she finds her dead and with a cupcake in hand.  This makes Melanie a prime suspect.

Melanie knows she didn't do it, Tate is a suspect and she knows he didn't do it.  However the fiance's rich parents are pressing the police to take action and a rival baker in the area appears to be helping the community label Melanie as a cupcake murderer.     Of course Melanie has only one option, see if she can figure out who really murdered the evil fiancée.

Now what you really want to thoughts: 
Wow - what a fun cozy mystery!  I just adored this one, one of my favorites so far this year, hands down.  I loved all the main/re-occurring characters.  I can't help being drawn to this story because it's about a cupcake bakery either.  I love to bake and I love cupcakes (honestly..who doesn't?).     I also liked how Melanie was looking into the murder, but wasn't always running around. I mean, she did, but not like you see in a lot of other mysteries/cozies.  A lot of the story was about Melanie and the relationships with her friends, family, and  a future love interest.

Obviously, I highly recommend this book.  This is an excellent start to a new cozy series, I know I can't wait for the 2nd to be published.

This book is part of my collection and was either bought or given to me.


Aleksandra said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

Becky said...

This book is on my reading list and I can't wait to read it. Your review made me even more excited.

Kris said...

Aleksandra - it was a very fun book!

Becky - I hope you like it as much as I did!

Jenn McKinlay said...


Thanks for the wonderful review.
I am having such a great time writing this series -- I'm delighted when readers like it, too!