Sunday, August 15, 2010

CSN Stores + upcoming giveaway

I was contacted by CSN Stores not too long ago about doing a review/giveaway on my blog.  At that time I was not familiar with the company so I happily went looking.  Oh my!  You can find just about anything on their website.  They offer things such as dutch ovens (something I've personally been coveting for awhile even though I'm not the cook in the family), eco-friendly products (which has my attention since I'm an eco-friendly geek), and so much more.  They have  hundreds of products, many from brands you probably already know and trust.  Plus, they have a lot of cool stuff I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Ok, I just love these plates and want to share a picture.  There is a company on there called notNeutral that has a series of plates that are maps of cities.  How cool!  Of course, it's of cool cities like Rome and London and not St. Louis. 

Alright, I think I've spent enough time shopping on that website, I keep finding things I want!  Stay tuned to see what product I decide to try out and for information on how you could win a giftcard. 

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