Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Smile - Family Pool Party

Once again we celebrated my Grandma's birthday with a pool party at my house.  It works out great because she gets to enjoy the pool (which she loves) and play with all the great-grand kids.   This year, Husband had mentioned wanting to get a slip n slide for the nephews.  It just so happens that my sister recently bought one, so she brought it along.  I must admit, while I wasn't excited about the idea at first (why use a slip n slide when we have a pool?) it ended up being a lot of fun watching the nephews and a couple big kids use it.

My Grandma, the birthday girl

The nephews all needed a push from their daddies to get down the slip n slide, but they loved it

Husband didn't need a push

Now...this one.  This was soo funny.  He had trouble getting the ice cream on the spoon, but he knew he should be using the spoon.  So he picked up pieces of ice cream, put it on the spoon, then lifted the spoon to it.  We were laughing so hard and he had no idea why. 

This is my oldest sister, mother to two of the boys pictured above.  This was taken on 8/21.  I'm happy to report that baby boy #3 was born on the 25th!   I was able to hold him at the hospital but came from work and didn't have a camera, so no good pictures.   Hopefully I'll have some for next week.


Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Kris...your poor sister, (3) little boys who look so young too!! YIKES.

The photos are lovely, and the bog boys appear to be having slip and slide fun as well LOL!!!!

Kris said...

Bibliophile - the oldest boy is 4.5 years old. haha! She has her hands full now!!! The big boys did love the slip in slide.